Monday, April 28, 2008


Here is photo from Braeden's photo shoot. He loves his Lala-he is the one who named he Lala. Braeden had to have Lala around him at all times when he was little, he would stay the night at grandma's house every chance he got and then wait up on the couch (or try to) until Alex would come home so he could go sleep with her! He was soooo upset when she got married, during the rehearsal dinner he looked like someone was stealing his favorite toy from him, the day of the wedding he barely talked, it was so sad. I think he has since realized just because Alex is marriend doesn't mean she is not his Lala! Alex makes it a point to call Papi and when she comes to town she visits with him and goes to his games! Geez, watch out when you have kids!!:)


Kellie said...

That is so adorable! I'm glad you now have a blog. It's always fun to see what my cuzzies are up to.