Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Nate and I were able to babysit our niece for the first time!!! She's almost 3 months, and we were so excited to have this little girl all to ourselves!!! It was such a blast, we got out the camera right away. Good thing I had so much experience, from my cousins, on babysitting:) She loved it when i was playing patty cake with her, she would just start smiling, and smiling. She also loved it when I sang her.."How much is that doggie in the window." Kudos to grandpa for teaching me that song to pass on. We had so much fun with her, but it was also a little taste of birth control for Nate and I ;)


The Peterson's said...

She looks like such a Happy Baby! You and Nate are going to make great parents Im sure, but no need to rush it! Enjoy your time together now doing lots of fun things and traveling. You can always babysit ;)

steph said...

If you need anymore practice babysitting I have 5 I could lend you for a while. I wouldn't make it too long cuz I would still want you to have kids of your own!