Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being Busy!

Nate and I had a busy last week. We started off with the BSU game. No matter how busy our schedule is, we will ALWAYS make time for our broncos!! We ride our bike to the stadium and sitting in the student section....well enough said eh?! It is always fun though, all the fans are awesome, and it's such a great experience to be with the fellow broncos and enjoying our winning streak!! :D.

After that we threw a 30th anniversary for Nate's parents. What an amazing blessing, 30 years, seeing your 2 kids grown up, starting families of their own...Let's just say it was a slight emotional night...but a great one.


What seems like a short, but was indeed a very LOOONNGG weekend, life picks up again, ad back to work we go. One of the Hospice social workers received Christmas hats from a volunteer. She had no use for them so she distributed them to the admin staff. Here I am being goofy with the Hospice secretary and the a Hospice RN. Oh what good times in The Office:D


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