Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are chosen, or marked !!

I admit it...I have the BEST Job in the world!! I mean, really, I can't believe Nathan and I are getting paid for what we do. To be apart of God's plan, and spend time with the youth at Calvary First Assembly. There are times where I'm like, "come on guys, behave", but then there are times where they have me completely flabbergasted. I guess it would be hard to understand my overwhelming joy for those who are not committed to a church, or to God himself. But I know that I am apart of God's plan, and I know that the position He's placed Nathan & myself in, is right were He wants us to be. The Lord has taken not only our youth group, but the youth of the nations and has called them to RISE UP!! And take this Nation by Storm!! I'm so Blessed that I'm able to watch the teens in our youth make confirmation to God's word!! The fire that has been ignited in them is so evident to their friends, that they're friends are now coming before God asking Him into their lives!! Our kids have really stepped up to the plate to prove that God is their LIFE! I know that the teens are now facing new challenges than I did in high school, and even those before me. The fact that they are dealing with things, and people, that are living completely for themselves, and have made their own religious views, but I've seen in our kids that they will not stand to be apart of the world, but to be apart of God's. And they will proudly proclaim it. These teens are MARKED by God, to be a representative for GOD on this earth. I'm so proud to be apart of their lives, and watch as they grow in God. World beware, for there are strong willed, gospel teaching, spirit filled youth coming your way!! Praise God!!!