Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My oldest brother, Damian, has started his 3rd tour in Iraq. I knew the day would come and pass, and even knowing that, I knew that I would think of him and pray for him, and go on with my life. How foolish of I! I've never been to an actual homecoming, or going away of any soldier, so I never knew how heart wrenching, those could be. My aunt was fortunate to see him off, and posted these pictures. I must say, I cried for a good hour or so. To see my brother giving his wife one last hug and one last kiss, with tears running down both of their faces. And knowing my brother, trying to be strong for his family, not letting them see him cry. But I know him to well, I recognize his face after tears have been shed. Oh... I don't know how they do it. But I know that they are strong, stronger than I am, and they'll get through it.

I'm so very proud of my brother, and proud of all the American soldiers. To forfeit their freedom, freedom of endless hugs and endless kisses, so we as everyday americans can enjoy it.

I say How foolish of I, because I know, in the past, it really hasn't been a big deal. Maybe this time it's different, because I have a different feeling with him leaving on this tour, or maybe it's because I've matured. Whatever it may be, I will let my brother, my soldier, my friend know that I love him, and am so proud of him. And I will not just pray for him, a prayer of safety and protection over his life, but for strength and endurance for his wife as well. I will not worry over these two, but will instead leave the worries at the feet of my Lord and Savior, whom I know will watch over them carefully. I WILL HOLD ON TO GOD!


The Peterson's said...

Geeze Lala, this almost made me cry! Hey I have been looking for Mary's address or e-mail address if you have one or the other or both please send them to me. I would greatly appreciate it!

Much Love and Merry Christmas!

THE CALLS said...

That is so sad! It made me cry too.
Alex, thank you for your sweet comment. Thank you for your prayers. You are such a sweetheart... like always.
Love, Sayda

Celeste said...

ahhh Alex! That was really touching! You must be so proud! :)